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Data Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting my website. Protecting your privacy is very important to me. Below, I inform you about the handling of your data.

You can visit my website without giving any personal information. Each time you open a web page, the web server automatically stores a so-called server logfile which documents the retrieval and contains for example the name of the requested file, your IP address, date and time of the retrieval, the transferred data volume, and the requesting provider (access data). However, only anonymised IP addresses by visitors to my website are saved. Instead of storing the actual IP address of the visitor (for example on the web server, an IP address 123.123.123.XXX is stored in the logfile; XXX represents a random value between 1 and 254. It is thus no longer possible to link the IP address to a person. These access data are evaluated only to ensure the trouble-free operating of my website and to improve my offer. This serves to safeguard my predominantly legitimate interest in a correct presentation of my offer. All access data will be deleted no later than seven days after your page visit has ended.